Who Urgently Need PathFree?

Who Urgently Need PathFree

PathFree United States

Over 5,355,450 Nurses in the United States

Over 1,073,616 Total Doctors in the United States

Over 500,000 Dentists in the United States

Over 150,000 Veterinarians practicing in the United States

This is just in the United States

PathFree China

Over 3,800,000 Nurses in China with plans to expandit’s number of nurses to 5.5 million by 2025

Over 4,090,000 Doctors in China

Over 200,000 Dentists in China

Over 400,000 Veterinarians in China

This is just in China

PathFree United Kingdom

Over 704,520 Nurses in the UK

Over 400,000 Doctors in the UK

Over 23,700 Dentists in the UK

Over 30,000 Veterinarians in the UK

PathFree India

Over 3,300,000 Nurses in India

Over 1,301,319 Doctors in India

Over 289,000 Dentists in India

Over 67,785 Veterinarians in India

Who Urgently Need PathFree