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Welcome to PathFree Technologies Corporation!

Welcome to PathFree Technologies Corporation!


Accredited Investors

This page is for Accredited Investors only

PathFree Technologies emphasis on offering quality investment programs is the inspiration for PathFree Expansion LLC. Specifically, three central values drive PathFree Technologies approach and serve as the company’s foundation: PathFree Expansion LLC is designed for sophisticated investors who are seeking to enhance their investment portfolios with a potentially high return investment program 1) with a quarterly source of income 2) positioned for long term growth and 3) an opportunity for prudent portfolio diversification.

Truly one of the brightest high-growth sectors is in the market today is the medical device industry. It is our job to constantly strive to increase the value of our company and our investment programs. That is why we have to be results-driven with a clear focus on achievement by conducting our business with a sense of exceeding expectations.

Lead by making others better. While innovation, development and offering quality investment programs is what we excel at, the growth of our team and those we do business with is the focus that drives us.

That is why the servant/leadership model is perhaps our most important value. A traditional organizational chart is not something you will find at PathFree Technologies Corporation. We believe that our clients and staff are the most important elements of our business. Clients are placed at the “top” while our CEO/president is at the “bottom,” supporting the rest of the organization.

This model encourages personal and professional growth of employees so that they not only excel at their jobs, but also develop essential qualities that go beyond their contributions to PathFree Technologies Corporation.

By building a sense of community in the workplace, the servant/leadership model eventually provides its strongest relationship with our clients, by focusing on courteous behavior throughout all aspects of our operations. PathFree Technologies mission and values create a strong foundation for the company and represent the core beliefs upon which the company was built, and which are essential to our continuing success.

Golden Rule

Treat each other, each client, and each business partner with utmost respect as we would best like to be treated ourselves.

We pledge to demonstrate a caring, “can-do attitude” in every situation. The most important of our values, integrity, defines the core of every relationship we have. Whether inside the company or outside the company, integrity establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships that make our values work. Embracing honesty, transparency, and integrity as our most important three core values means we stick by our word, and we will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

PathFree Technologies Corporate Values
None of the materials on this page or on this website including any videos are an offer to sell a security, any offer must be accompanied by PathFree Expansion LLC’s Private Placement Memorandum

If you are an Accredited Investor contact your PathFree Technologies representative to receive all the necessary information and investment documents for PathFree Expansion LLC or Contact Us directly by leaving a reply in the comment section below or call PathFree Technologies at (949) 257-2688 or email
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